State Police Investigate Road Rage Shooting On Philly Expressway

by Alex Lloyd Gross

June 20,2022

Details are sketchy but state police did confirm a  road rage shooting did happen on the 676 On Ramp at 7th Street in center city Philadelphia. This happened yesterday, June 21, 2022.

According to Pennsylvania State police, one person was shot in the leg after and altercation with another motorist, about 2:00 PM.  They are expected to recover from the shooting.  State Police would not say if anyone is under arrest or if they are looking for a specific vehicle . A lot of details have not been released.

We do not know if the two stopped or if a shot was fired at a moving car.  It was unclear if any vehicles were towed from the scene and also unclear if anything was caught on camera. State Police hope to release more information about this soon.


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