Levittown Male Arrested By Federal Task Force For Riot In Philadelphia

by Alex Lloyd Gross

illegal street racing is a problem for police and citizens  wherever it happens. It is dangerous. One male,  Joseph Vannauker of Levittown Pa. is accused by police of participating in  activity related to illegal  drag racing.


It was on October 2, 2022 about 12:30 AM when a large group of people congregated at Broad and York Streets, to do burn outs,  and parked haphazardly around the area. Many people got out of their cars to watch. When police came to disperse the crowd, police said that Vannauker had a bull horn and started to scream profanities at police.  Some even threw objects at police specifically a smoke bomb.  As police commanders arrived, the guy with the bullhorn was ordered to be detained and arrested.  However he fled the area and got away.


Some members of this crowd reconvened on the 1900 block of E. Sedgley where they resumed their burn outs and illegal activity. When police arrived, they saw the same male with the bull horn and detained him. He was identified as Vannauker . The District Attorney’s Office did not approve charges that night, so he was given a traffic ticket and sent home.


Upon review of the incident and further investigation,  an arrest warrant was approved for Vannauker who was arrested on October 14, 2022, when his home was raided by police and members of the FBI task Force and Philadelphia Major Crimes Unit.  He is charged with riot,  conspiracy, and multiple other charges.  While he is facing charges in Philadelphia, the incident is being investigated by federal authorities to determine if federal charges are warranted, police said.