Community Groups Feed Kensington Area Police For Thanksgiving

by Alex Lloyd Gross

Nov. 23, 2022

Police that patrol impoverished neighborhoods like some areas of Kensington and North Philadelphia see a lot of unpleasant things daily.  Some people are not happy to see police in their neighborhood. Others are grateful.  At the 24th and 25th District today, volunteers with the National Homicide Justice Alliance  went to the district headquarters building on Whittaker Ave. Inside the courtroom, they fed police a nice Thanksgiving dinner.

It was turkey with or without stuffing,  potatoes, and a bunch of other food, guaranteed to put a smile on some wary faces.  The officers were called in when they were available and helped themselves to a plate of food.   It was a welcome respite of answering calls for service.  City Councilman David Oh  and State Rep Amen Brown took tie from their schedules to stop by and serve some of the officers.


“You need to support police, you have to show support for the police, I’m pro law enforcement and I vote that way as well,” Brown said. Aleida Garcia who runs the NHJA helped coordinate the event.  There will be another dinner served later in the day for officers that are working the night shift,she said.