Vagrant Sprays Shopkeeper With Chemical In Port Richmond

by Alex Lloyd Gross

June 21, 2023

When you own  or operate a business, you do not want vagrants hanging around out front of your shop. It drives away customers and they drive down property values, if they show up in droves.

On June 8,2023 a shopkeeper saw the above pictured female  handing around their storefront with multiple bags strewn about the steps and sidewalk. She was asked to move.  When she was asked, the female then pulled a canister of what is presumed to be pepper spray and sprayed it directly in the face of the shop keeper.  The vagrant then walked away.



Medics were called and treated the shopkeeper.  Now police want to arrest the vagrant. They are checking the homeless areas and the areas around Kensington and Allegheny Avenues for her. if you know who she is or where she is, police want to hear from you.