Levittown Teenager Arrested For Fatal Hit and Run In Philadelphia

by Alex Lloyd Gross

Aug 22,2023

A hit and run accident happened early this morning at Castor and Aramingo Avenue. Police said the vehicle was allegedly involved in a drag race. When the vehicle, which police identified as a Dodge Charger, approached the intersection of Castor and Aramingo Avenue,  the car hit a pedestrian crossing the street  and kept going.

Police said the Dodge drove at high speed down Richmond Street and over the Betsy Ross Bridge, where police from Pennsauken were waiting for him.  The driver stopped his car and was detained for Philadelphia Police.



Police  authorities arrived and found the driver and a passenger, a 16 year old male.They transported both across the bridge where the 16 year old was taken to St. Christopher’s Hospital and treated for an arm injury.  He was released to his parents. The driver, identified as  Joseph Vannauker  19, of Levttown Pa. He is no stranger to Philadelphia Police. he was arrested before, you can read that here



His charges include Homicide by Vehicle,  Murder, and Reckless Driving.

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1 thought on “Levittown Teenager Arrested For Fatal Hit and Run In Philadelphia

  1. Very good. He’s going to jail for a homeless dude looking for couple bucks. Those idiots in Philly will never learn . I hope he gets at least 10 years behind bars. And if he was racing another charger get him also and charge him with something. Take their cars also.

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