Bensalem Boulevard Closed For Snapped Utility Pole

by Alex Lloyd Gross

Bensalem emergency crews were forced to close busy Bensalem Boulevard between Ford and Harwood Roads last night, due to an accident involving a split utility pole.

According to authorities on scene, a pick-up truck was traveling towards Gibson Road, from Ford Road, when the driver slammed into a utility pole and broke it in half. Half of the pole was suspended by wires . A fire hydrant was also broken from it’s base and sent flying down the street.

The driver of the truck sustained injuries, police said. The road was closed for several hours, until a new pole could be brought to the scene. Once that happens, it must be off loaded, the old pole must be safely removed and the new pole needs to be re attached, and wires re-strung The process takes hours, so the road remained closed well into the morning. The crash happened about 8:30 PM.


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