Watch Stupid Criminals Personified, Steal From Phone Store

by Alex Lloyd Gross

If you have ever gone to a phone store to buy a phone or other communication device, you know they are worthless, unless activated. This is either done at the store or the sales clerk give you the code. Without that information, the device is a paperweight. It is worthless.

That did not stop a gang of thieves from going into the phone shop at 1607 Walnut Street on September 26, 2023 just as the store was closing. They barged in and ripped of whatever they could get their hands on. This is not like taking a clock radio where you just turn it on and it functions.

All of these people committed crimes. It does not matter that as soon as they realized their ill gotten gains were trash, they discarded it. it is still stealing. Watch the video below. If you are in the video, turn yourself in, before police come knock your front door down. If you know who any of these individuals are, you are asked to contact Central Detectives.

The looting happened because former Philly cop Mark Dial had charges of murder dismissed at his preliminary trail. The phone store had nothing to do with the trial or the shooting.