HUGE reward Offered For Philly Police Officer Killers

With every hour the number is going up. At last count, the amount was $150,000 for information leading to the arrest of those who were responsible for the murder of Philadelphia Police Officer Richard Mendez. He was shot two days ago when both him and another officer interrupted a gang of males who were breaking into cars at the Philadelphia Airport Parking Garage.

At this time, police have pulled out all of the stops to catch those responsible. They found the vehicle used by the suspects to get away. It was set on fire and burned. Police in Central New Jersey found the car. It had been stolen from the airport garage. You can see that video below. Two officers were shot, they were coming in to work at the time. This video does not show the shooting. The other, still unidentified officer was admitted to a local hospital in stable condition.

You can watch them rush up to Childrens Hospital and dump the body of Jesus Herman Madera-Duran of Camden, New Jersey. In the video the driver reverses in the driveway, has a brief interaction with a Philadelphia Fire Department Paramedic. There is no audio in this video, but you can see from the hand gestures of the medic, he is perplexed at what is going on. Once Jesus Herman Madera-Duran is out of the vehicle, his friends drive away quickly, to leave the scene.

There was an airtag in the stolen vehicle and it was tossed on I-95 at Academy Road. This caused I-95 to be closed, yesterday, so police could search for it. As the investigation continues, police will release more videos, until the suspects are caught.

Anyone with information on this male’s identity and/or whereabouts is encouraged to contact the Homicide Unit at 215-686-3335 or to leave an anonymous tip at 215-686-TIPS.