Everyone Is Entitled To My Opinion- On The Seasons

by Paul Big Bear

Dear Friends,

       Going into the final quarter, and I am not speaking about football, I am speaking of the four seasons we have here in the northeast. Winter officially arrives on the 22nd of December, but October seems to be a review of the seasons gone and the one coming. We have had temperatures in the nineties with high humidity, heavy rains complete with thunder and lightning, hot humid nights cool days and nights, a real roller coaster of weather and I love it. The summer flowers drop their blooms and die or go dormant as the fall flowers make their appearance, the leaves on the trees begin to lose their colors and fall from the trees. The sun sets earlier and the nights seem longer, but the air seems so cool and clean. Yes, the northeast has its four seasons and each one brings its own identifying traits, spring, as the sun seems to shine brighter and warmer while the nights remain cool and we marvel as the first flowers find their way through the snow to bloom in defiance as winter slowly retreats. Oh the promise of summer soon fulfilled as the grass comes to life, the trees bloom, the forsythia and pussy willow adorn the landscape, and azaleas follow in a variety of colors. Soon summer with the longer days and hot weather, swimming pools and parks open, beaches filled with people on blankets, beach towels, and under umbrellas as the smell of suntan lotion and sun screen fills the air and children frolic in the waves.

The smell of bar b q’s ignite your appetite and plans of picnics make your mouth water and fill your head with plans for a lazy day in the sun with family and friends. The 4th of July with fireworks, parades, and hamburgers and hot dogs on the grill washed down with cold beverage of choice. Boating, swimming, fishing, sports, concerts, camping, hiking, riding your bicycle – motorcycling or horseback riding. Vacations planned all winter, cruising, train, bus, plane, or maybe the family piles into the car or RV and set out to “See America first.”

       Yes winter is approaching, soon the temperature will drop below freezing, the winds will blow and the snow and ice will arrive as our world settles in for “a long winter’s nap” snug under a blanket of white. Children throwing snowballs, sledding, ski trips and sleigh rides as carolers sing. Now the evening air will fill with the smell of fireplaces burning, the holidays take turns showing their decorative costume as the music of each fills the air. People exchange holiday greetings, cards and gifts. And as the year ends we greet the New Year with parties and noise makers. Yes I love living with four seasons where I can feel like the three bears, too hot, too cold, too wet, too icy and occasionally just right.

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