Philadelphia Police Announce Last Minute Push For Recruitment

The number of Philadelphia Police Officers is very low. It’s off by about 1000 officers. The city and police department held a news conference to help bolster applications. This current recruitment drive will last until November 12, 2023. After that, the city will stop accepting applications until January 2024.

Contrary to what people may think, officers are not leaving the department in droves. Many are set to retire, others quit for a variety of reasons. Gone are the days of “De fund the police and the stigma that came along with a career in law enforcement,” officials said. yesterday.

Once a person aged 20 or over gets put on the list, they have to pass a physical fitness test. This test goes by age and gender. A 21 year old male recruit will have to run after than a 40 year old. Female recruits do not have to preform as strong as a male recruit. Gone are the days of 12 mins for mile and a half run regardless. According to Inspector Verdell Johnson from the Recruitment Unit, this is was bounces most applicants. “We have a physical fitness training session going on twice a week”, he said.

Felons need not apply. The felony committed when you were young and stupid in say 1998 will bite you today. Being less than honest in an application will get you disqualified. That DUI arrest in Alaska that you never went to court for and failed to disclose is also a road block to being a police officer.

Alex Lloyd Gross Photo-Delaware Valley The press conference

You do not have to live in the city prior to being hired. Once you are hired, you must have a residence in the city. You have 18 months to do this and you can move out after five years. Tuition reimbursement and a $2000 signing bonus are in order once you are hired. A college degree is not required.

Many city agencies are hurting for applicants, especially police, fire and corrections officers. to apply.

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