New Charges For Danelo Cavalcante Inmate Who Escaped

by Alex Lloyd Gross

Danelo Cavalcante, the inmate who was convicted of murder and escaped from the Chester County Prison on August 31, 2023 has new charges relating to that escape.

While the charges of burglary, and auto theft. Authorities said that he stole these items to help him change is appearance. He even swiped and Eagles hoodie from a home in a burglary. He also took a rifle from a garage during a burglary. Cavalcante was charged with 20 offenses, including felony counts of burglary, criminal trespassing, theft, and possession of a firearm. He is expected to be arraigned on the new charges on Friday.

While he is already doing a life sentence for the murder of his ex girlfriend that he was convicted for. the sentence he gets from these new crimes is going to have little to no impact on Cavalcante.

“The defendant used all means necessary to escape from prison and stay hidden from authorities. These offenses aided his efforts and elevated his threat to the public,” Attorney General Michelle Henry said. “Thanks to the diligent efforts of law enforcement, Cavalcante is in custody and will be prosecuted for all of his crimes. My office is committed to keeping Pennsylvanians safe and holding those accountable who jeopardize the public’s well being.”

The charges were filed the by Pennsylvania State Police.