Everyone Is Entitled To My Opinion- On New Years Resolutions

Dear Friends,

         Halloween costumes have been stored away with the scary decorations until next year and the candy has all been eaten. Now as Thanksgiving slowly ends; left over reincarnation by left over reincarnation (turkey sandwiches, turkey casserole, croquettes, and creamy soup, we move on towards the Hanukah/Christmas holiday. Will it be another turkey dinner or ham, possibly steak with all the trimmings, candy in the stocking, candy canes on the tree, and more pies (for me it will be Fruit Cake) with hot chocolate (Ovaltine) buttered popcorn enjoyed on cold (snowy?) nights under the cuddle blanket. Oh how serene and comfortable we come to the New Year munching away as the ball drops and we claim our midnight New Year kiss..

         Enter the New Year and brave souls stepping up on the scale. REALLY! This cannot be correct, anything in my pockets (I don’t have any pockets I just got out of bed) and here it comes; My New Year’s resolution is to lose weight, no longer will I have a naval that has an echo, Honey I promise to stop leaving stretch marks on the shower curtain, and I will start exercising! I have a lifetime membership to a great gym, I have a treadmill, I have weights in my office, I can do this. By summer I will put my shoes on and then tie them, and I won’t have to trust that my dress shoes are shined. Candy is sweet but I miss seeing my feet. All you can eat meals are great but are they charging by quantity of food or tomorrow mornings weight. “We are what we eat said a wise old man” Lord if that is true I’m a garbage can. Cookies and donuts will no longer be dunked in my morning milk. Waffles will have to wait along with pancakes, bagels, and muffins. No longer will I lie on my bed to button and zip my pants, stretch corduroy pants will be a thing of the past. When we go out to eat I will no longer have to request a chair with no arms. I may even be permitted to sit on wicker furniture at picnics again. Yes I will make that my New Year’s resolution and by golly I will stick to it, but for now I’ll have another slice of pecan pie with my hot Ovaltine as I go to bed, no sense wasting good food.   

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