Almost 20 years Later, Child Sex Perv Is Arrested For Assaults On Kids

by Alex Lloyd Gross

“Does the name Gerald Spoto mean anything to you”? That question was posed to an adult male by Middletown Police. The man was familiar with him, as he allegedly molested him when he was a child. In fact, there were several other men that had sexual contact with Spoto from about 2000, to 2004, police said.

The assaults happened because Spoto had easy access to the children, he was an employee of the Neshaminy Kids Club at that time. This was a place that allowed parents to drop their kids off before school or stay after school if they worked and the kids were two young to be home alone. Spoto would use his position there to meet children and groom them for sex.

One victim reported approximately 50 sexual encounters with Spoto between 2000 to 2003 when the victim was 9 to 11 years old. Another victim described being sexually assaulted by Spoto approximately 100 times. In almost all the assaults, Spoto overpowered him or intimidated him into doing what he wanted. That victim also reported that Spoto provided him alcohol.

Spoto would also allegedly show pornography to the children or show them videos on the dark web of people being killed and then try to initiate sex with the children. In one instance, according to police, he forced a child to do a sex act on him and then told him he was no good at it. Spoto then is alleged to have told the boy his was going to get his brother to do the sex act and threatened to kill him if he ever told anyone.

Gerald Spoto as he looked almost 20 years ago.

The assaults were first reported to police last decade, but police did not have enough evidence to charge Spoto. Police in Middletown re opened the file this year and re interviewed the alleged victims, who gave statements. One male said there might be others who were abused but did not come forward..

Spoto got most of his victims from the Herbert Hoover Elementary School on Trenton Road.

Spoto was arrested this week and charged with Indecent Assault of A person under 13. Corruption of the Morals Of A Minor and related charges. He was remanded to Bucks County Prison under $1,000,000 bail by District Justice Terry Hughes.. Spoto lived on Third Avenue in Middletown and now lives on Disk Lane in Bristol Township.