Inmate Killed Inside Philadelphia Prison

FILE PHOTO BY ALEX LLOYD GROSS/Delaware Valley A cell block inside CFCF.

by Alex Lloyd Gross

A 59 year old inmate was stabbed to death Sunday morning inside Curran Fromhold Correctional Facility on State Road. Police said it was about 9:15 AM when they got a call for a hospital case at the prison. Medics were brought to a cell block where the inmate, a 59 year old male was found bleeding and unconscious.

He was pronounced dead by medics at 9:43 AM. Police did not say if he was found in his cell or around his cell but his cellmate, a 25 year old male was removed to a different part of the prison.

Prison guards are looking at video to see if it captured the attack or leads to any more information. There were no witnesses to this incident. Police did not say if the knife was found. The inmates name was not released.