Everyone Is Entitled To My Opinion- On The American Way Of Life

Dear Friends,

by Paul Big Bear,

       “God, family, country” These three words are very important to me. Why? God is my Savior, the source of my Faith, my family is my love, they are my reason to work, to build a life and provide for them, my country is where I choose to live, where I have a say in government and live protected by our Constitution. I have the freedom to my Faith in my God, to raise my children and grandchildren to have Faith and the right to learn about our faith and God.

To learn the history, the true history of our country, and why so many want to become American citizens enjoying our rights, also to learn why so many want to tear down these rights and freedoms. These things have been hard fought for; a revolution against England to free us from dictatorship, a war that pitted Americans against Americans, brother against brother, father against son because we believe in the way we should run our government. World Wars I and II to end killing based on ethnic origin, skin color, religious belief, and life styles, over feelings of superiority, the Korean War, Viet Nam, and many battles/wars over believing in human rights and freedoms.

Does the struggle to protect our American way of life and our citizens have no place at our borders? Yes we are a country of foreigners who came seeking our freedoms, who registered and became American citizens adding strength to those willing to protect our Constitution by joining our military, becoming police, fire, EMT’s, and good citizens who work, raise their families, educate their families, pay taxes, and keep their faith, “Bother no one for their faith, let no one bother you for yours.” Freedom is a responsibility that comes at a price. I would like to say to my fellow Christians as we celebrate Holy Week, what price do you put on freedom, on your faith?

       Color your eggs, fill your baskets, cook your traditional family meals, go to church and say your prayers, as you gather with your family say a prayer of thanks for the things that are truly important; God, Family, Country.