Gunman Robs Lower Southampton Convenience Store

A male is wanted for armed robbery of the 7-Eleven shop at 1952 Brownsville Road. It was just before 3:00 PM when the male walked in, on an 80 degree day bundled up with a dark face cover. He knew cameras was in operation and he covered himself.

He gave the clerk a note announcing a robbery. He then lifted up his waistband to reveal a gun. That is going to be an additional charge when he is caught. Police said he walked out and left in an unknown direction. He got some cash and Newports.

His movements will be tracked by security cameras. He took his mask off eventually and it is there that police checking cameras at that location will see who he is. Police have made multiple arrests of criminals who thought they were smart by wearing gloves and covering their faces.

If you live or work in that area, you can help police capture this male, especially if you have security cameras. You can call them (215) 357-1235 to have an officer look at your footage.

Black Male, 5’9 – 6”00 tall, black hoodie, dark face cover, dark pants, dark shoes, Yellow Nylon shell coated glove