Scott Bonn, Noted Criminologist Is At City Winery Next Week

by Alex Lloyd Gross

People have a fascination with serial killers. From Ted Bundy to Dennis Rader, people are curious as to what makes someone kill another person. Scott Bonn, a man that has his doctorate in this kind of stuff is going to be presenting a show at the Philadelphia City Winery on June 12, 2024.

“This show will be in two parts. The first part I’m gonna talk about different serial killers. The next part is an audience Q&A, “Bonn said.

“I’ve chatted with Dennis Rader extensively, and many people know he was a compliance officer at Park City Utah. He was also a security consultant for ADT. How many people had a serial killer in their homes”. Rader called his victims “projects”, and he did this because he was sexually stimulated by killing people,” Bonn said. Rader was the BTK killer that kept authorities looking for him for over a decade.

“He had a complex about him, when his victims would beg for mercy.”I know I’m God”, Rader would say. Bonn’s talk will come just a week after Rex Heurermann got two more murder charges lodged against him in his killings in upstate New York. Bonn is familiar with this case as well.

“People that watch a lot of true crime or police type shows are interested in this subject. “, Bonn said. Tickets are available at the City Winery Box Office for his show. The link to buy tickets is here.

Bonn said a good way to tell if someone is exhibiting the traits of someone not at all there is when they are a narcissist. Some serial killers are psychotic and others are sociopaths. Look for Bonn to explain the differences during his show.