Police Officer Hurt After Patrol Car Rammed In Mayfair

by Alex Lloyd Gross

One male is in custody and police are looking for at least two other people, according to reports, after police broke up a robbery near the 3200 block of Princeton Avenue. early today about 3:30 AM.today When police arrived during the robbery, the perps scattered with one getting into a white Camaro.

Within minutes, police tried to box the car in and the driver , police said, intentionally slammed his car into one of the police cars, injuring the officer. He was taken into custody. The officer is going to be fine, officers said .

The patrol car was rammed in the 3200 block of Friendship Street, in the rear alley. Police did not release the name of the male in custody as of 1:45 PM

2 thoughts on “Police Officer Hurt After Patrol Car Rammed In Mayfair

  1. This idiotic teen crime wave is beyond annoying.
    It’s a daily thing anymore!
    What these teens don’t seem to understand is that their chances of succeeding, getting away with their crimes, is slim to none.
    They need to wake up before they encounter a victim/homeowner that is armed.
    And in Mayfair, just about everyone is armed and has video security.
    Trust me, I know.
    People that I’ve talked to around Mayfair are tired of this.

  2. Teens? That’s a dishonest way of saying what we all know that it is. Blacks and third world garbage. Mayfair had no crime until the Chinese brought this garbage in as renters.

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