Embarrassing Road Sign Covered In Northeast Philly

by Alex Lloyd Gross

It hit Tik-Tok, , and other social media sites. The misspelled sign for “Cenrtal” Philadelphia was erected on Cottman Ave, near State Road on Thursday. The sign should say “Central”. It is an embarrassment. How many people looked at it and okayed it before it was installed is the question. All of them missed it and it was missed the by installers as well.

Not wanting more embarrassment, the state hired at great expense a crew to come out and cover the sign with a tarp until a new one can be put up. There were at least five people on this crew and it’s a safe bet they were not getting $7.25/hr for their work. The ramp entry in that area had to be closed which inconvenienced countless motorists. Tax payers footed the bill for this crew in the thousands of dollars.

They were out with a bucket truck by 9:30 AM today working to cover up the error. Many feel that Penndot should have just left it alone until they had a new sign to put up. Given the expense and motorist inconvenience, everyone could figure out that “Cenrtal” was a misspelling and no one would be getting lost.

The crew on scene working today could not offer an explanation as to how the sign missed all of the check points. They also could not say when a new sign would be installed. Now, with the sign covered up, out of town drivers who are not familiar with this area have no clue where they are going.