Mummers Parade marches on in 2016 as BLM protesters get arrested

Alex Lloyd Gross- BLM protesters are ignored

By Alex Lloyd Gross

The Mummers Parade is a New Years Day  tradition in Philadelphia. It is enjoyed by thousands of people and appeals to all ages.  So it is baffling to anyone with common sense as to why  a handful of people protesting the Black Lives Matter movement would see fit to disrupt the event.  A handful of about 30 carried signs  and were warned by cops they had to stay on the sidewalk in the public area.  Had they done that,  they would be fine. The protesters had no common sense but they were aware that people were not paying attention to them.

Alex Lloyd Gross- A Mexican theme

After about two hours of being peaceful, they ventured onto South Broad Street where some  of them  were  arrested.  The Mummers are about celebrating good times  and the people attending are about as likely to sympathize with any protest group as they are to build a ladder to the moon.   The string bands are a favorite of everyone , as they put on a few performances in some select areas on South Broad Street.   Some of the themes  of this years string bands were money,   Mexican culture, another had a mad scientist .


Alex Lloyd Gross- A huge prop out front does not work for fancies. This is what the audience sees.

Comics preceded them and put on quick themed shows such as a take on Bruce jenner turning into a woman.  They like to seize on current events  and top stories and make a parody of it.   The weather cooperated and it felt like a January day, cold but not brutal.  The string bands concluded by 5:30 PM and then some people went to the Pennsylvania Convention Center, for the Fancy show. This is so big it needs a building the size of the convention center to hold it.  Most of the clubs got smart and did not have a huge front piece  as a prop.


DSC_0053 (3)
Alex Lloyd Gross- Uptown Fire Company.

When they do, it blocks the audience and they cannot see.  Some of the  stronger themes were monsters, a zoo and a karate fighting Asian theme.  As for the string bands, Uptown should take first place according to social media with their  Uptown Fire Company theme.