Getting ready for second Paint Your Pet Fundraiser


Alex Lloyd Gross Photo Delaware valley The first fundraiser was sold out.

By Alex Lloyd Gross

Lead the Way  Dog training is located in Bensalem Pa. It is under the guidance of Amy McCaa that a troublesome pet can become trained and educated to break themselves of bad habits. Now the company is breaking away from the obedience training and branched out to a nonprofit  called  K-9 Connection.  This is a different area where Amy and her crew train dogs to be service animals.  These dogs are valuable and can help humans with anxiety, stress and of course, seeing eye dogs.  One such dog, Battle, was present at the last Paint Your Pet fundraiser . He is  being trained on how to handle crowds.

This kind of fundraiser is a bit different where people meet and pay money and go home with nothing except a meal. Here, people supply a photo of their pet, and very talented artist, Abbie Devers   from A Taste of Artistry  will draw an outline of your pet. Attendees  will then get the opportunity to paint their pet, using water color paints and, of course, they get to keep the painting.  The last one was held in late February  and sold out quickly.  Another event has been scheduled for April 11, 2016 at the Dog and Bull Tavern in Croydon.  The event price does not include food or drink. They  can be purchased separate. The Dog and Bull is fast becoming known for their culinary skills as well as lesser known beers.

Tickets are moving fast  but if you go to  Facebook Page for the event, you may be able to get a spot. At the last one, there were numerous people who had photos of their dogs and cats.  This is not restricted to them, it can be a turtle, or horse or any other animal that you supply.