Regional manhunt underway for Bristol Township dog killer

MarcelJ.johnsonBy Alex Lloyd Gross

Police across the region are looking to bring in a male who they say is responsible  for killing a family pet dog yesterday , April 18, 2016 in the Golden Gate section of the Twp. According to reports, the homeowner came out and found his motorcycle had been moved. He confronted a black man wearing orange hair who pointed a pistol at him and demanded cash. At the same time, the mans pet dog was barking and trying to get out the front door.

The mans pet dog did escape and was shot dead from multiple gunshots by the thief. While the homeowner did get a description, cops put out an alert that is in the shooters best intention to turn himself in.  There were three people involved in the attempted burglary and theft from the man’s house. Cops have two in custody and they are looking for a third. His name is Marcel J.Johnson. His photo does accompany this story.   You can read more about the incident at Levittown Now.

The fact that the other two are in custody means cops know who they are looking for. For his sake , it would be best if the cops grab him before an outraged citizen gets him and kills him.  When people abuse or kill children or animals,  they get the wrath of the community.  Often times, citizens will administer street justice before calling the cops.  Once in jail, animal killers get used as bait in jail and will get severely beaten. Many times they have to get put in administrative segregation. marcel2

Once caught and convicted, look for a State Prison sentence for all involved.  Charges will include firearms violations and animal cruelty. The  gun charge alone is a mandatory five years in state prison. Animal cruelty will net another three to five plus the theft. Judges usually adhere to the public outrage in Bucks County and will make the sentences run consecutively. Judges in Bucks County are not swayed by a lawyers pleas of hardship for their client or drug addiction.  A warrant has been been issued for his arrest.