Justice Rescue unleashes new TV show

Alex Lloyd Gross- Photo -Delaware Valley News.com Crash, Wolf and Knuckles are a small part of Justice rescue.

By Alex Lloyd Gross

Justice Rescue, are five guys that respond to where animals have been abused or are in need of help. They go and they help the animals. If they did not do what they did, animals would die.  They also educate the uninformed and deal with the stupid.  They have been doing this for about five years and according to Russ “Wolf” Harper, they have documented their encounters and rescues with body cams.”We have enough footage for about 20 episodes”, he said.

While the show, called Justice Unchained has not been picked up by any networks yet,  Wolf said some  are interested.  They showed a one hour pilot at Dave and Busters in Philadelphia Saturday March 16,2016.  A private room was rented a few hundred people showed up. They cheered when animals were rescued from dangerous situations.  People are stupid.  They will get an animal then not take care of it. They leave it in a yard with no food or water in all kinds of weather.  Or they abandon it in a house.  The proper punishment for this type of person is isolation with zero contact from the outside would. A stale sandwich gets slid under the door. For water, well, there is the toilet. Unfortunatly, that does not happen.  When animal abusers are sent to prison they are generally  beaten and raped by larger inmates, which is in a word, fitting.

The men of Justice Rescue want to make that  visit to prison happen happen for animal abusers. They are sworn Humane Police.  They have police powers in Delaware and Chester Counties. According to Wolf, they work hand in hand with law enforcement in other areas.  Most of the show was done in Chester, which is a run down, crime ridden area. There are lots of good decent people in Chester  but there are morons there as well.  Take the case of Remi, a Pitbull that was abandoned and within hours of death when Wolf and his crew arrived off of 6th Street. They spent thousands and saved his life.  A beautiful child saw the dog  lying there and called police.  A jacktard  had Remi and threw him away like trash. Remi is a Sweethart and full of love. He is doing just fine due to the love and support of Justice Rescue.

This show, if it becomes a reality  would be a boon for Justice Rescue as it would generate funding needed to help animals.   Wolf said they want to produce it themselves .” We would only do this if we can control the outcome, the production  and the footage”.  There are no reenactments and no do overs.  People looking for COPS style entertainment will be dissapointed.  This is not about the drug dealer saying  “Those are not my pants”, as drugs are found. This is not funny . The footage is harsh, it’s grainy, shaky and not clear at times. Other times you see a hurt or frightened animal.  It’s not entertaining, it’s educational.

You would think people would be smart.  They are not. Kids will adopt a dog and not be allowed to have it so they store it in an abandoned house.The dog is not properly cared for. Or some other idiot will starve their animal and abandon it.  They are idiots and stupid becuase they know it’s wrong and they do not care. Those people are a waste of oxygen.  They think they will get away with it. They are wrong and are about to wind up in the Justice Rescue archives where the entire world their neighbors will know how dumb they are should this reality show become a reality. Hopefully, people will learn and  Wolf and his crew will have nothing to respond to.  If you would like to help them or foster and animal, please visit their website . You can find it in this article.