Tree falls on father and son enjoying picnic

Dawn Altstatt Photo Delaware Valley Emergency responders at the incident.

By Alex Lloyd Gross

A father and son are expected to survive after being crushed by a large tree branch that broke from a tree and fell a distance of about 50 feet. at the Neshaminy State Park in Bensalem Pa. The tree was in a picnic grove  and the father and son were seated at a bench  enjoying the holiday. The incident happened just after 4:00 PM May  28, 2016.  No one else was injured.

When the tree branch cracked and fell, it came down hard on the unidentified man.  Witnesses had pried the tree off of him by the time rescuers could  arrive. The man was told by onlookers to remain still and he did. Rescue workers had a difficult time getting access at first do to the large amount of brush.  A medical helicopter was placed on stand by but was not called. It appears the tree was rotted from the inside. It appeared to be healthy at  first glance.

The area will be closed for the rest of the weekend or  until all of the trees can be inspected,