Thieves take sea food in South Philly cargo heist

Unknown male stealing seafood via Philadelphia Police

By Alex Lloyd Gross

In a brazen act of stupidity, six males  were caught on security camera footage breaking the lock of a parked tractor trailer in South Philadelphia at 2130 S. 3rd street, which is where the E. frank Hopkins Seafood Market is.  The males cut the  lock to a trailer and helped themselves to $52,000 worth of seafood that was being stored in the trailer.  They loaded it into an SUV of unknown description and drove off.

A video of them taking the food is available  here. It’s almost four minutes long.  In it, you can see they are trying to hide their faces but that does not help. The camera preserves their faces, clear as day on several occasions to be seen. Take a look,  see if you know these males. It is dangerous and deadly to buy this stolen seafood, as anyone  knows that seafood must be stored on ice, in a climate controlled environment.  It’s doubtful these males have invested in such equipment. Therefore, it means that anyone that buys it, is risking the lives of their customers. People who eat  this seafood  or any seafood that has been improperly stored can get sick and die. Remember, they took it from a cold storage trailer and loaded it into an SUV.

The incident happened Sunday, May 22, 2016. The video was released by Police last night. Anyone with info is urged to contact Philadelphia Police.  These guys may try to sell it outside of the city.