Cops called on third grade school party

By Alex Lloyd Gross

Google Street View. The School

The   school administrators of the William B. Tater  Elementary School in  Collingswood New Jersey have egg on their face after calling the police on one of their own students during a party.  You see, brownies were being served and the boy made a comment about them. One student said that the comment was racist and the next thing you know, police were called.

Now the student,  a 9 year old in the third grade has to deal with the New Jersey Division of Child Protection.   You cannot make this up. Now the boy is traumatized and his parents will look into sending him to another school  next year.  They also have good grounds for a lawsuit against the school if they want  to go that route.  Stacy Dos  Santos, the boy’s mother is furious  at the incident  that happened last  week.

The Collingswood School District is called for every complaint from a fight to someone calling another  student a name.  Parents of local school kids that it’s not necessary and they want  it stopped. These incidents were  normally handled  by the school and sometimes  between the children  themselves, now requires the cops to waste resources to investigate  a name calling incident or other minor disruption . Apparently, there was ameeting between the  school district, police and prosecutors  who advised the school to call the cops on everything, which is what happened.

Brownies were being served at the party.  In some parties,  someone might serve crackers. Heaven forbid crackers and brownies get served at the same party  at a school in Collingswood, they would have to call out the SWAT team.