Philly gets the Punch Line

Photo Alex Lloyd Gross- Delaware Valley Russell Peters live at Punch Line

By Alex Lloyd Gross

Philadelphia finally has a new comedy club that just opened, and it,s right across the street from the Sugar House Casino.  It’s right next to the Fillmore and the club is called Punch Line.  It’s a really nice place which just had the grand opening last night, July 8, 2016.  The headliner was Russell Peters.  This place is different than other comedy clubs. For example,  heckling is not permitted and will get you tossed out.  Audience interaction is permitted and encouraged, when the comedian initiates it.

Photo Alex Lloyd Gross Delaware Valley

People who go to see a comedy show want to be entertained. They don’t  want to  have their view obstructed or have someone at the  next table texting and doing whatever on their cellphone.  At Punch Line, that is prohibited.  No cellphones are permitted during a performance.

Peters, was funny and the crowd reacted to his jokes. We  are  not giving any away here,  but he is there this entire weekend and his shows are sold out.  That was to be expected, as he sells out arenas all over the country.  If you do have tickets for this weekend, (or any show  on the club’s calendar), you can expect great sight lines,  and a low key atmosphere.  The building was a former factory that was rehabbed into a comedy club. It was used as the Dry Ice Corporation.

The backdrop of  Punch line features neon lights set up like the Philadelphia  skyline.  The up coming calendar  features huge names in talent. It’s  not  going to be big names and only big names. Punch Line will serve as a launch pad for local Philly comedic talent. If you think you are funny, come on out and try.

Punch Line has an out door patio and a  full service kitchen.  There are also VIP booths for folks that are so inclined.   The club can also be rented for private events .  Go to their website to get more information. You can follow the  club on Twitter.