Applebee’s burns down in Philly

Alex Lloyd Gross photo Delaware Valley Firefighters at the scene of the rekindle at Applebees.

By  Alex Lloyd Gross

Philadelphia Fire Department  investigators are working to determine the cause of a one alarm fire that destroyed an Applebee’s restaurant on the Roosevelt Blvd at Goodnaw Street late last night, July 17. 2016. There were no injuries , however the building is not able to be salvageable and will have to be raised.  Heavy fire was shooting through the roof of the   one story building. and firefighters worked for a while to get it under control.

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The establishment was the main source of income to many employees. The fate of their employment is unknown. It is possible that the chain will relocate a few of them to nearby locations.   Just before noon, a portion of the roof rekindled in the intense heat and  the fire department had to be called out  again.  A cyclone fence has been constructed around the building to keep out looters.