Election ballot question is misleading in Pennsylvania

temp_logoBy Alex Lloyd Gross

Most questions  are simple. Do you want more coffee? Is this a good deal?  They can be answered yes or no. Not so on the ballot. It concerns the minimum age for retirement of judges. Previously, the age was 70 years old.  This election, the question is  should the retirement for judges be 75 years old?   The age is going to be raised, if  enough people vote yes.

This is a not about taking older people and making them retire. The majority of people do not know that judges have to retire at 70. This proposal gives them another five years.  So, the question should read, should the age for retirement of judges in the commonwealth be raised from 70 to 75 years of age?  Take your time, read it carefully and vote .  Then blame politicians for not giving you the full, proper background  to allow you to make a well thought out vote.

This question is statewide, so if you are in Erie Pa, or Bristol Pa., you will have the same question on your ballot.