Illegal immigrant child molester caught in Bensalem

Alex Lloyd Gross-Photo Delaware Valley Jorge Ramirez is escorted into court

By  Alex Lloyd Gross

A 33 year old man, the the United States illegally has been caught by Bensalem Twp. Police in Bucks County Pa., and charged with indecent assault of a child under the age of 13.  Jorge Ramirez, of the Willow Grove area is being held on $1,0000,000 bail.  Police said that a 12 year old girl told her parents that she and Ramirez met while they were both at a church for Honduran Immigrants in Southampton.

The girl got to be friends with Ramirez and he is alleged to have gotten her a cell phone, just after they met, in October of this year. This communication involved the girl arranging Ramirez to give her rides in his car to the Shafer  Middle School in Bensalem. When he would pick her up they would park his car in the parking lot. According to the  criminal complaint, Ramirez would then lie on top of the 12 year old girl and they would kiss and he would rub her private areas with his hands. This  did not happen just one time. Police said that approximately 15 times, the two would meet and have sexual contact.

Fred Harran, the director of Public Safety  for Bensalem Township said that should Ramirez get bail, he will be held by immigration officials, who “Will ship him out of here where he  never hurts another child in the United States”. Ramirez was walked to his bail hearing by police.He remained silent except to laugh when asked if he thinks Donald Trump will deport him should he be convicted. “I think there may be more victims out there,  and they should contact us. We do not care about the status of their immigration,”, Harran said.