Black Lives Matter ban whites from meetings

Alex Lloyd Gross Black Lives Matter protest in Philly in 2016

By Alex Lloyd Gross

Imagine having a private group or organization and having a policy to exclude black people, Chinese,  people of Spanish origin are not welcome , either.  That could happen in 1962. It could never happen here, in 2017, right?   Well the Philadelphia chapter of Black Lives Matter has banned everyone except black people.  Not that people are banging down their door to get in, but  the practice is being investigated as being illegal.

It’s like a country club saying “Whites Only”  or “No Jews Allowed” . It’s discrimination and it is wrong. The organization, on their Facebook page makes no bones about it. Blacks Only. This is the same organization that is begging for equality and would be banging down doors if a “whites only”  or “Asians Only” event were held. They tried to justify their discrimination by saying, in part:  “During the last 36 hours, Black Lives Matter Philly (BLM Philly) has been attacked online and the subject of several right-wing media articles about our April open meeting invitation that states it is a Black only space. This is not the first time we have received backlash and threats in relation to how we organize. Let us be clear now. We are unapologetically Black and believe having Black only spaces—where Black people can come together to strategize,  (sic) organize, heal and fellowship without the threat of violence and co-optation—is an important part of Black liberation. ”

They just alienated all of the supporters who do not have the same skin color as them.  BLM, is listed as a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center, which tracks groups . Some of the members of BLM have advocated the killing of first responders .Their members have taken to social media to preach exclusion . The Philadelphia branch is not that large and has little influence. During a protest a few years ago during the 2016 Mummers Parade, they stayed on the sidewalk and cursed the parade and parade goers but  did not disrupt the festivities.

Their next meeting will attract undue media scrutiny and attention. It is quite possibly that organizers could face criminal charges if the meeting is held and not open to the public.