Quick storm does major damage to region

Sal Rosales Special to Delaware Valley News.com A tree down at Welsh and Manchester in Philadelphia

By Alex Lloyd Gross

A fast moving thunderstorm came through the region, yesterday June 21, 2017 and left a lot of damage in it’s wake. Trees were felled by wind gusts of upwards of 70MPH.  Some of these  in the northeast, like  along the 8900 block of Roosevelt Blvd and Welsh and Manchester Rds. caused traffic delays. Other trees, in Abington,  Burlington NJ and different sections of Philadelphia came down onto people’s houses or property.

PECO reported about 2500 homes without power. They hoped to have everything restored by 5:00 PM today.  It is impossible to determine what tree is not strong enough to withstand winds and will come down next. In some cases, trees came down on cars that were parked unoccupied.  As quick as the storm came, it left.  The sky that was dark was now light again and within 15 minutes of the  ending of the storm, the roads were dry.