Cops search for shooting suspect in Bristol

Alex Lloyd Gross- Photo- Delaware Valley Police are seen through the shattered window of the bullet riddled car.

By Alex Lloyd Gross

A man is lucky to be alive, after a gunman opened fire on him at the Levittown Trace Apartments, early today, November 6, 2017.  It appears he was in his vehicle, which was riddled with bullet holes  was driven in reverse, through a fence and crashed near a trash dumpster.  The fracas was confined to the parking lot and noneof the bullets struck any apartments. A suspect vehicle was seen driving south on Ford Road but cops were not able to catch up to the vehicle.

Police were on scene for over three hours, using lasers to process the crime scene.  Sources said that multiple shots were fired and the victims, according to Levittown Now and Bristol  Police, the male suffered a gun shot wound to his leg. he is expected to be released for the hospital. He did not suffer anything life threatening. Bristol Twp. Police are looking for witnesses.