Intoxicated woman destroys multiple cars and leaves accident scene in Bensalem

Alex Lloyd Gross- Photo- Delaware Valley Firefighters stabilize the vehicle involved in the crash.

By Alex Lloyd Gross

Shortly after 9:00 PM January 19, 2018 Bensalem Police were called to a crash scene at the Country Commons Apartments at 3838 Richlieu Road involving a small red car. About the same time,  that small red car was involved with another car in a grinding crash farther down Richlieu Road , about a half mile away from the apartments. Both drivers from that crash were briefly trapped in their vehicles and had to be removed. Fire companies went in service and removed the passenger door on one vehicle.

The other vehicle ,it appeared, had been driven on a shredded front tire before it came to rest  against a guide rail.  The female driver of the striking  vehicle was taken into custody for DUI. She was heard screaming from the medic unit.  The vehicles that were parked inside the apartment complex had no occupants in them. One was seriously damaged and may be a total loss. The other two had scrapes and minor damage.. The wreckage was not cleared away until after 10:00 PM