Who is this idiot scratching cars ?

Philadelphia Police

By Alex Lloyd Gross

Philadelphia Police would like to know who is responsible for scratching several vehicles on the 1100 block of Porter Street.  The incident happened February 18, 2018 but the video was just released to the media today.  Cops want you to look at the photo and the video and call them if you know who this is. This was not a targeted attack, where just one vehicle was damaged. That might be explained away as a lovers quarrel or road rage.

This targeted multiple vehicles.  It appears to be a random attack. It happened at 5:15 AM . This this a crack head or a person on their way to work?  The vandalism was caught on security camera and a pretty good view of the male and how he walks, plus his clothing.

On February 18, 2018 at approximately 5:15 AM, an unknown male was captured on surveillance video in the 1100 block of Porter Street making deep scratches to several vehicles parked on the block. The suspect then left the area in an unknown direction.