Bensalem Police bring you into teenagers bedroom

Alex Lloyd Gross Photo- Delaware Valley You can see this bedroom display and find what is illegal and troubling for yourself.

By Alex Lloyd Gross

Alex Lloyd Gross- Photo- Delaware Valley Why would a hotel business card be in a teenagers room?

In every case where a teenager kills them self, or becomes an active shooter or even runs away or gets arrested,  people ask where were the signs? There was no evidence  that this teen was at risk and now they are on in trouble. Today, May 22, 2018,  Bensalem cops opened one of their conference rooms, and turned it into a teenagers bedroom. They invited the media to tour it..

Alex Lloyd Gross photo- Delaware Valley There is no reason this should be in a teenagers room.

Inside, you can see a typical kids bedroom. However, it’s nice and neat. Once inside, you can see knives, cans with false bottoms and if you were to pull out a drawer to a dresser you would find a gun.  There are over 100 items that would cause a parent to be alarmed.  Some of which could be in your kids bedroom.  According to Bensalem Twp. Director of Public Safety Fred Harran,  “These are red flags. Bent paper clips,  (used for cutting and self mutilation) . Bottle caps ( used for drugs).  Cigarettes,  and drugs.”  Depending on the relationship you may have with your kid, these things are cause for concern.

A teenager will be furious if a parent searched their bedroom. It is something that should be discussed prior to it being done.  Inside the fictitious bedroom , you can read a diary about “Meagan” who was mean to the person writing it. They want to kill themselves.  An internet browser shows the sites your kid went to. Are they news sites? Are these sites pornography or religious propaganda?  Who are the communicating with on social media?

Alex Lloyd Gross- Photo- Delaware Valley The ribbon gets cut on the room.

This bedroom  is open for two months to parents, to learn how their kids may be hiding things.  After that the room will be made mobile and brought around to  different events in the township.  Parents should contact the Bensalem Police to arrange for a time so that an officer can tour it with them. This is the first of it’s kind in the nation.  One or two things inside a kids bedroom could be normal and explained away.  Of course no kid is going to have everything in the room that this display.   The room is very neat and orderly.  Growing up, kids are expected to have  some things parents might not approve of.  “We are not  saying to turn your kids into the cops, we are saying to talk with your kids,” Harran said.