Graham Bonnet, still going strong

Alex Lloyd Gross Photo- Delaware Valley Graham Bonnet live.

By Alex Lloyd Gross

Graham Bonnet, the heavy metal singer that rose to fame fronting bands like Rainbow and Alcatraz  along with fronting Michael Schenker is back with a new record.  For those that thought the was finished, were dead wrong. His new record    Back To the Garage  delivers more goods than Amazon.   Fresh off a tour with Schenker, he got to work  recording his new work and then a small tour of Europe is in order. ” I’m trying to re establish me being a lead singer in my band, now, ” he said. It’s “weird, a bit, nobody knows who Graham is but they know the guy from Rainbow, they know Alcatraz,  but they don’;t know me,” he said.

“I like being in a band and having people around me that I know what they are all about and they know what i am all about, musically,” Bonnet said.  Some songs on the new album are worth noting. “America,  where have You Gone?’ is about “it’s about life in school, when kids are going to school these days, you have to wonder if your son or daughter will come out alive. i mean kids are taking guns to school,or some type of weapon. When i moved here back in 1979, it was nothing like this,”. Bonnet said.

“Live from Daryl’s House”, is where the album was recorded.  Star Car Lane is a re do of the Alcatraz song. “For some reason, that track  was not a single, but people told me tore record it, it would be a “B” side  of the record, if singles existed anymore. We’ve played it live and it gets the same amount of applause as “Since You’ve been Gone,”  for some odd reason,” Bonnet said.

During his tour, he said that he will be playing a lot of  older classics. “It’s what people want to hear,”. It’s a bit strange when you realize that when a band puts out a new release, five years later,the songs that were on that record are in high demand.  One such song Bonnet said he continues to do is “Lost In Hollywood”, from Rainbow. It’s show we close the show.  The new album gets released next week  July 16, 2018.