Woman dead after domestic homicide in Bensalem

Alex Lloyd Gross- Photo- Delaware Valley News.com The SWAT team is put into service to search for the suspect.

By Alex Lloyd Gross

A male and female left together in a car from an apartment complex in Bensalem. They had an argument inside the vehicle as the female driver  pulled up onto the curb on the 3100 block of Hulmeville Road. The male passenger stabbed her and ran away from the scene.  This happened as cops received a few 911 calls, one from the female herself.  After the stabbing, the male ran away from the scene on foot,  leaving his victim to bleed on the sidewalk and grass.

Alex Lloyd Gross Photo- Delaware valley News.com Detectives find evidence around the car.

As police arrived on the scene, they quickly closed off busy Hulmeville Road from just north of Street Road to Park Avenue.   The suspect was still on the loose and cops have an idea of who they are looking for.  He could be armed so multiple SWAT teams were called in. They searched the apartment complex  using drones and K-9,s.There was no sign of him.  Some occupants of the apartment  the victim or suspect resided in were detained and interviewed by cops.

By 10:00 AM  some of the surrounding townships special units, such as SWAT and K-9 were released.  The street was still closed and bystanders had to find another way to get to work. Some tried to duck under the tape  but they were moved back. Others having no connection to the media or any official capacity tried to take snapshots with a cellphone for whatever purpose. They were looked at with dismay from others just waiting in an apartment complex to get to work.

The name of the victim has not been released. Cops released no description of who they are looking for, It is unknown the relationship between  the male and female.