Cops investigate fatal motorcycle accident in Bristol Twp.

Alex Lloyd Gross Photo- Delaware Valley Police get tools to measure the crash scene.

By Alex Lloyd Gross

Police were called ,along with medics to a report of a van and a motorcycle that crashed on the 1200 block of Veterans Highway, in Bristol Twp. Pa. shortly after 3:00PM Oct 23, 2018. When they arrived, the found a motorcycle rider in very serious condition. Apparently, the bike and the van were both going in the same direction, which was south. The motorcycle was in the lane closest to the curb and the van was in the right travel lane.  The van turned to go into a gas station when the motorcycle collided with the van towards the rear of the van, police said. .

There was a skid mark on the road , from the motorcycle, where the driver tried to brake.  As the fire department and medics cleared the scene, one officer went to the hospital to check on the drivers condition and was informed he died.  That information was relayed and fire police were called to close the travel lanes and push all traffic down the center lane.

No charges have been filed and police said the crash is still under investigation. Veterans Highway was reopened to traffic by 6:30PM