Truck collides with School Bus in Levittown

Alex Lloyd Gross- Photo- Delaware Valley Emergency workers at the crash scene.

By Alex Lloyd Gross

A school bus belonging to the Neshaminy School District was involved in a serious accident  in Middletown today, Oct 25, 2018, that left  the driver of the other hurt badly.  The wreck happened just after 8:15 AM at the intersection of Durham Road and Hollybrook Drive.  Both drivers were taken by ambulance to local hospitals.  When the crash first happened, the 911 call center was flooded with calls. Some told of no injuries and others reported heavy entrapment.

Unfortunately, the latter was correct.  “We are still trying to figure this out, we’re not sure which was the vehicles were going,” said Middletown police Sgt.Michael Lubold.  “Luckily, there were no students on the bus,” he further stated.  Emergency responders were given the wrong location at first. They were told the accident was on Veterans Highway.  That got rectified quick and local companies from Bristol and Middletown used chains to pull the vehicles apart to free the driver of the dump truck.

Durham Road will be closed for an extended time until two heavy wreckers can arrive to remove the vehicles and clean the road.  There were no other vehicles involved in this accident.