Last day to register to get rid of minor criminal convictions

By Alex Lloyd Gross

If you were arrested for a minor crime but that arrest is holding you back from getting a job, you want to register for a work shop to get your criminal history expunged. That means it will not show up on a records check.  you could be able to get a job that was previously unavailable to you due to a criminal record.  For example,  minor disorderly persons offenses , possession of a small amount of drugs or blocking a highway  are probably going to be able to be expunged.

If the arrest is for assault or stealing  large dollar value items, it’s going to take more work than this workshop, if it can be done at all.  The program is by registration only and today. November 2 , 2018 is the last day to register. You MUST call (215) 686-3454 or 3455 and make an appointment. This is being put together by Councilwoman Cherelle Parker. This will take place in Philadelphia and your arrest must have taken place in Philadelphia.  Habitual offenders, sexual predators need not apply.

The clinic is going to be November 15, 2018 . With Larry Krasner as the DA , it would be beneficial for anyone with a minor criminal history to attend this and find out  what could be done  for them.