High winds blow tree onto SEPTA bus

Alex Lloyd Gross- Photo- Delaware valley news.com Traffic squeezes by a tree that fell on a SEPTA bus today

By Alex Lloyd Gross

Four people were on a SEPTA bus traveling on the Roosevelt Blvd southbound, when a tree fell onto the rear of the bus, breaking in half over the rear of the bus.. There were no injuries, SEPTA  officials said. The bus, traveling in the outermost lane  was in between Southampton and Hornig Roads, when the mishap occurred.   Police and fire units responded to the scene but did not transport anyone, officials said.

A SEPTA Supervisor responded with a chainsaw and crews worked to cut the branches from the bus.   In the outer lanes, there are three lanes. Two were blocked by the bus and tree branches, which caused traffic to back up . The huge winds, which have gusted over 50MPH according to the National Weather Service, have resulted in numerous reports of trees and wires down in the region. The tree came down before just  9:00 AM February 25, 2019