Small explosion inside Bensalem supermarket

Dawn Altstatt Special to Delaware Valley Firefighters outside of the store.

By Alex Lloyd Gross

Firefighters from Bensalem Township responded to the Giant food store on the 2700 block of Street Road just after 2:00 PM today, February 28, 2019.  There was a report of a small explosion at the Chinese Food area of the store.  This Giant features a hot foods take out area, located in the rear of the store, which is where this incident happened.  The explosion set off the sprinkler system, which sent water spraying throughout the store.

There were no serious  injuries, fire officials said, expect for one patient that got transported. It is unknown if that person was an employee or a customer.  The health department was called to the store and will reinspect the store to insure that no food for sale is spoiled.  Clean up crews will also be on scene mopping up water and fixing anything that got ruined. It is not known if the hot food bar will reopen  with the rest of the store.  Only the Giant was affected and will remain closed through tomorrow.