Hold onto your Rolling Stones tickets, Philly. New show date announced soon

Alex Lloyd Gross – photo- Delaware valley News.com   Mick Jagger at a show in Philly.

By Alex Lloyd Gross

It has been confirmed that  Mick Jagger needs some attention for a medical issue and doctors advised him not to play live,or do any strenuous activity for a bit. That means their 2019 US North American Tour is postponed.  Jagger’s doctors said he is expected to make a full recovery and the tour is still going to take place, just down the road in the future.  They were also scheduled to play at Fed Ex Field in Late May, in addition to their Philly show in June.

Fans are being told to hang onto their tickets and the new dates will be announced as soon as possible.  Of course, fans that need to return their tickets can do so. The show could be pushed back to the early fall or maybe even next spring, if the Rolling Stones want to play out door venues. Should the shows be moved to the fall, concert promoters would be wise to check the calendars to insure no dates are rescheduled for the Jewish High Holidays which fall September  29 and 30. and eight days later in October.  That would preclude a large number of fans from attending. Jagger issued a statement apologizing for any inconvenience this postponement may have on fans.