Problems hinder Bam Margera and Yelawolf event in Croydon

By Alex Lloyd Gross

Alex Lloyd Gross- Photo- Delaware valley Bam Margera in Croydon

Bam Margera, the crazy personality that made a name for himself with MTV by doing dumb stupid stuff, for the show Jackass. He also released his own videos  under the CKY moniker. (That stands for Camp Kill Yourself) . Needless to say, the Chester County resident has been  in trouble with the law for DUI and for trashing vehicles.  It was no surprise that when he announced that he  wanted to hold an event with comedy and a concert by rapper Yelawolf, authorities  stopped him at almost every turn. Except in Croydon, where he was welcomed at Neshaminy Brewing Company.

Alex Lloyd Gross- Photo- Delaware Valley Yelawolf onstage trying to work through the sound problems, before the show was called off.

Originally, Margera wanted to hold this event at his house.  The cops got word of it and shut down his neighborhood, not letting him go to his own house, he said.  His next try was for the Battleship of New Jersey.  No dice. FDR Park was out as well, due in part to a recent unsolved murder over the weekend.  Bam said that the crew of Neshaminy Creek Brewing Company  reached out to him to hold his show there.   It came together very quickly and spread through social media. Many wondered if Margera was smart for holding this event in a place with alcohol after his multiple times in recovery. He was not observed drinking anything at all.

Tickets were $100.00 and it was a Monday night.  Everything worked against this event being a success.   It did come together and doors opened at the Croydon brewery at 7:00 PM. Some refused to come out due to the high ticket price. Others could not make it on a Monday night.  About 300 people did show up and watched amateur skateboarders do jumps and tricks , until  Not So Slim Shady. a  showed up for a comedy routine  and also to introduce Bam.

It was at this time when Zach Holmes, who is on an MTV show called Too Stupid To Die  jumped on stage and had people kick him in the privates.  Soon, others were onstage getting kicked in the nuts as well. This was a strange night. As Yelawof tried to take the stage, there was a problem with the sound system and his performance was cancelled.  The smart thing to quell a crowd who might not be happy is to come out and meet the fans, which is what Margera and Yelawolf did, spending time taking selfies and signing autographs.  With problems everywhere surrounding this event, there were no crowd issues.People got their photos, and some asked Margera to slap them in the face, or you guessed it, to kick them in the nuts.