‘Ugly Image’ Sparks Croydon Clean Up Effort


A Hypodermic needle found on a Croydon St.

Digital Reporter- Jeff Bohen

“Croydonites” are a proud bunch. The middle class neighborhood in Bristol Township, is not exactly fond of media coverage in general. And when it comes to coverage shining a negative light on the area, the response, by “old Croydon” and “new Croydon” is quick, intense, and can light up the notifications numbers on a social media page with the speed of light.

And the same can be said for how the community polices itself too.

In the middle of May a post appeared on the I lived in Croydon” Facebook page causing a response so intense and strong, it lead to the administrator (s) for the page to disable the comment feature on the post about improperly disposed medical waste found on a Croydon Street corner.

The image sparked a number of conversations surrounding substance abuse disorders and lead to many questions one of which was a heated debate on how to properly dispose of found medical waste.

Two former Croydonites, who are proud of their roots in the community, in response to the furious reaction – at last look  the original post had hundreds of comments- decided to time for action, as opposed to 150 word comments on a social media page, was called for.

Steve Harris and “Lizz” Edmondson decided it was time to take on the problem with a proactive solution.

On Saturday June 22, a call to action of sorts for the community and those who love it, but may not live in it anymore will take place as the residents can take part in what’s called The Croydon Cleanup

Edmondson, 36 of Levittown, mother of four, created the Croydon Cleanup Event in response to all of the comments, questions, about “ugly image” found in the area.

“I’m tired of reading negative stuff about Croydon,”  she said in a phone interview several days after creating the event page.

“There are positive things in the community, but rarely do you see coverage of that. Instead what you see are arrest stories galore,” appearing on social medial pages she opined.

Edmondson who grew up the area, says she’s really optimistic about the event, even though as of publication about 10 people have committed to help with the effort.

Undaunted by the initial response, Edmondson, took to the streets of Croydon in her “bunch of dents on the side Scion”  seeking support from local businesses.

And businesses have responded:

Five Star Tinting donated $150 for supplies

-Croydon News Agency donated boxes of trash bags

Joey M’s Auto Repair donated gloves for volunteers to use in the clean up effort.

-Best Junk Removal has donated trash removal services for the event.

Matt’s Pharmacy is providing a sharps container

As to the impetus for the clean up effort the proper disposal of hypodermic needles found in the community,  Diane W. Rosati,  Executive Director Bucks County Drug & Alcohol Commission said is a concern the county has been working on diligently.

“The Bucks County Department of Health says you can call your local hospital for instructions on how to dispose of medical waste properly and I encourage the community to review the attached flyer for additional questions and concerns about proper medical waste disposal,” Rosatti said

Source: Bucks County Board of Health

Edmondson over this weekend said the focus of the community effort will be Maple Shade Park and  Acme Field also knows as a Croydon Acres Park.

“I hope this town and its parks look shiny after we’re done” she said.

Edmondson is counting on the same spirit and response by Croydonites for this attempt that came out for the Croydon Watch sign and cleaning of surrounding area spearheaded by Kim Cunningham and reported on by Fox 29 

I’d really like to expand the focus,” she said but one cleanup at time.

On Saturday a check in of the parks and “tot lots” in area revealed Maple Shade Park needed a once over.

To sign up, or contact the organizers for the Saturday June 22 event click here

Community action begins at 11 am.

Source: Bucks County Board of Health




Littered Maple Shade Park on Sunday.
Credit: Jeff Bohen