Update: Arrested Morrisville Officer has been on Paid Leave Since April, Staffing Now a Concern for Department

Digital Reporter- Jeff Bohen

Morrisville Officer Michael Pitcher was arrested Thursday.


The Morrisville Police officer arrested Thursday for his felonious and unlawful use of departmental computer’s and related offenses has been on paid administrative leave since April, an official confirmed Friday.

Morrisville Police Chief George McClay said Friday, Michael Pitcher has been on paid administrative leave since he became aware of the investigation into the officer’s actions of April 6.

“I was contacted shortly after the investigation was initiated by Lower Makefield Police Chief Kenneth Coluzzi,” and we immediately placed Pitcher on paid administrative leave, McClay said Friday afternoon via cell phone.

McClay said, at that point in time investigators were requesting records from Morrisville Police with regards to Pitcher’s activities and use of police telecommunications and computers as detailed in the probable cause affidavit.

In terms of staffing for the department, McClay said this “absolutely” has an effect on the department in terms of manpower.

My staff has done an outstanding job stepping up during this process, he said, by working plenty of overtime and since we’re down one full-time officer,  prior to this incident and a part time officer is currently out also, McClay said, this affects the overall workings of the department in terms of staffing and coverage.

“On Monday council will be holding an executive session and I will be providing members with information about the investigation” McClay said.

Morrisville Council President Debbie Smith was contacted and declined to comment regarding Pitcher’s arrest but added council is willing to work with the Chief McClay on staffing noting approval of a part- time officer is on council’s meeting agenda for Monday night as part of new business.

Smith said, as of now and pertaining to staffing she realizes the department is facing a challenge but “we’re willing to work with the chief within the framework of the police manning table which is part of Morrisville’s 2019 budget.”

McClay when asked if he had his druthers for staffing of the department “I would rather have a full-time department with a second in command, and a detective for a total of 17 full time officers.”

When asked specifically what are the numbers for staffing of the department McClay said “We are maintaining our manpower on the street to service our citizens while being at very minimal staffing level.”