Bensalem Cops Have Coffee With Citizens

Alex Lloyd Gross Photo- Delaware Valley Lt. Robert Bugsch speaks with Charles Gryniewicz at Bensalem’s Coffee With A Cop event.

By Alex Lloyd Gross

Cars speeding by on  residential streets.  Vehicles not stopping for stop signs and unruly kids. Those are the majority of topics that people spoke about  during the “Coffee With A Cop Event held October 2 2019 at Kelly’s Kitchen in Bensalem.  People stopped in and stopped to chat with Lt. Robert Bugsch or  other officers and related their concerns to them.

Granted speeding vehicles and loud kids are not crimes in progress but they are a concern. That speeding car could hit someone. Maybe the driver has no license or has warrants. Police won’t know until they investigate. So for about two hours officers  had their notepads out and jotted down notes from  citizens. “This is not about crimes, people are not usually going to tip us off about a drug dealer here, it’s done anonymously,” Bugsch said.


“This department is always open to speak with citizens about what is on their mind. This  event is for people to give us info that might not have social media or want to stop in, it’s very informal, the Lt. said. .  Charles Gryniewicz  was one of the first people to participate in this event. “I was scrolling through Facebook, looking for information on a friends funeral and I found out about this,” he said.

That is the beauty of this event, a citizen who found out about this while looking for something totally different.was able to get their concerns to local police. Similar events were held across the region today.