Meet Leeloo Today, Take Her Home Free This Weekend

Alex Lloyd Gross- Photo- Delaware Valley Leeloo waits for her adopter.

By Alex Lloyd Gross

Leeloo is a four year old beauty who had to be surrendered to the Womens Animal Center on Richlieu Road, in Bensalem, about four months ago. She is great around children and other animals. Leeloo is stressed more than normal, when her family had to move. This caused some skin problems that should be corrected in a few months time, when she settles into her new home.

This Saturday, October 12, 2019, there is no adoption fee for Leeloo or any other animal at this shelter. It is a free day. All costs are being picked up by Doll 10 Beauty of of Yardley Pa. This is the purrfect opportunity to find a special cat or dog, or rabbit from this shelter. Leeloo is a Pitbull/Labmix. Gentle as a summer breeze. She is just frightened and shy. The stress scars on her body are not helping her, they are causing potential adopters to look elsewhere. Those scars are gone in a few months. Leeloo will stay for years to come.