Multi Vehicle Crash Closes Veterans Highway

Alex Lloyd Gross- Photo- Delaware Valley The crash scene on Veterans Highway.

By Alex Lloyd Gross

A three vehicle crash in front of the Lower Bucks County Campus of the Community College caused Veterans Highway to be closed. The crash happened just after 3;00PM February 3 2020.  Two people were hurt in the crash, police at the scene said. Preliminary info is that a vehicle turned left in front of another car. As they collided, another vehicle was involved in a subsequent crash. none of the injuries were reported to be life threatening.

Traffic was diverted through the parking lot of the college and for a brief period of time could not re enter onto 413 due to the tow truck activity. That lasted about 30 minutes and the road was re opened. One of the vehicles was resting near a pole, several yards away from Veterans Highway and Rockview Drive after losing control,